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Do you want to be a coach?

In un blog dedicato agli allenatori non poteva mancare questo articolo tratto da un sito Danese riservato ai coach ...

   What is a coach? A parent, who has been lured into the job? A player, who is interested in being a coach or just asked whether he could look after the Girl-team for a while?

In a little or middle-sized club one must realize, that it is a person, who is deeply interested in the sport and for a very little payment takes on the job to be a multi-artist.

What do you expect from a coach?

Well, the person must if possible be:

- Handball expert
- Know all the rules in handball
- Training expert
- Know all the rules for the time- and scorekeeper table.
- Be an expert in the tournament regulative
- Doctor
- Organizer
- Trip-organizer
- Chairman/woman
- Psychologist
- Games organizer
- Planner
- Know the opponents
- Know the strengths and weakness of his/her own team.
- Be a good representative for his/her club
- Be a good representative for the handball game
- Be a good representative for his/her own person
- Diplomat

Handball expert

In order to teach handball you must know handball. You must be able to show and to explain it to the players the way the exercises must be performed and be able to correct errors. The ability to see the possibilities in handball is also very important, as you cannot do with examples alone

Training expert

The coach must be able to pass on the knowledge and be familiar to the training principles, methods and forms. To do this there are some conditions, which must be known:
- The players state of training and qualifications
- The impact of training to the organism
- The special demands in connection with handball i.e. strength, endurance, agility, speed, technique, tactical
understanding and so on.
- The player’s ambitions, expectations and goals

Know all the rules in handball

It is rather obvious, that the coach must know the rules quite well. He is the person, who must educate the players in these rules, so that they don't make mistakes on the court.
He must know them so well, that he himself doesn’t make mistakes, so that the referee rules against his own team. It is annoying for the team if the coach - due to a mistake- is the course that the ball is lost or the team gets 2 min. penalty and - in worst case - disqualification.
It is also the coach, who in the youth-tournaments decides if an appeal shall be lodged against decisions, which is not in conformity with the rules.

Know all the rules for the time- and scorekeeper table.

This set of rules explains how to behave in the area, and lack of understanding to these rules can be expensive, as mistakes may result in a referee admonition or worse - 2 min. penalty or disqualification.

Be an expert in the tournament regulative

This set of rules informs which players are allowed to a team - rules if promotion and relegation - filling out match team card
- appealing a decision and more.
Therefore it is a matter of course that the coach familiarizes himself in these regulative. Attentions must be given if there are special rules for tournaments in local areas.


Handball belongs to the high-risk group in sport, and sprained fingers, ankles and wrenching is not unusual. Therefore it is important, that the coach is able to handles such injuries and not make them worse. Correct treatment at once is able to reduce the period, where the player is unable to attend from months to a few days. At the same time it creates security for the player and the parents when they know, that if an injury should happen, help is close by.


The team shall play a match on Sunday - Sophie is ill and another must take her place - 2 cars cannot help driving that day, so another kind of transport must be arranged, and there is a rumor, that the opponents are using the same colours as out team. There are many things, which must be organized just for a trip to the opponent’s court.


Often the coach arranges short or longer excursions with his team, and then these must be arranged. It is not just a question of entering a bus and then: Off we go! Questions must be asked: Are the players allowed to join an excursion? Which price is acceptable? When do we leave? What is the transportation means? (bus, train, private cars) When are we expected to return? Do we need further help? (Parents, other coaches).
When those and other questions have been answered, you can go.


A meeting between coach and players and - if the team consists of young people - meeting with the parents is to be held. Here it is a good idea to be prepared, and the things which are to be discussed are well prepared

Game organizer

Handball is playing with the ball and the coach must be able to realize this and take advantage of the possibilities which arise when he joins in the play


Knowledge of psychology is a great advantage. It can give an explanation to the reason that a player, when practicing is incredible good, but in a match goes cool.
You can also get help to understand, why a player react the way she does and what to do about it.


Training a team must be planned - both in the way of long-term as well as in short-term - and the daily training must be reflected from this planning.

Know the opponents

In preparing a match is an advantage to know the opponents. How is their defense (5-1, 6-0, 3-2-1) and what are we going to do about it? What will they use against us? What are we going to do about that?
Knowing the opponent gives the opportunity to lay a tactic, but you must also be prepared to alter this tactic if needed during the match.

Know the strengths and weakness of his/her own team.

The coach must know the strength and weaknesses of his players in order to use them in the best way during a match. It goes for their physical and mental sides. A team consists of many players with each their individuality, and with a good knowledge to these individualities the coach is able to make them do their best in the match to the benefit of the teams total performance.

Be a good representative for his/her club

It is often the coach who by his behavior represents the club to the world. A hysterical coach, who shouts and carry himself on in a negative way seldom gives a good impression - neither to the team, the opponents, referees and spectators.
As the coach is to be considered as a representative of the club, it is also him, who can be the cause to a fine due to seriously unsportsmanlike conduct.

Be a good representative for the handball game

Good and well played handball matches in accordance with the rules will always be a good advertisement for the sport. Good advertisement keeps and stimulates the interest of playing handball.

Be a good representative for his/her own person

By being a skilled and serious coach he creates a positive respect about his own person. It is he, who has the responsibility for the dispositions, he makes and by taking rational and reasonable decisions he avoids at discussions or annoying things occurs during the match or in the break.
A masterful and respected coach will not have the experience that others (players, colleagues, parents, committee members) interfere in his work.


A team consists of many types. These are not always on the same side and a conflict may arise between the players and between the players and the coach. The ability to solve these conflicts is a very good ability, but it is also possible that one must realize that a conflict cannot be solved no matter what you do.

A coach may be the only acceptable person to one half of the team while the other half finds the training too hard, too easy, too uninspiring, too complex - the coach is too tuff, too soft and many other things. Everybody cannot be completely satisfied as all in one way or another are different.

Surely more words can be put on the concept - a coach - but this should do it. Are you ready to take on the challenge and do you have the desire - well, then go on. Get in contact with your local club and ask whether there should be room for at auxiliary coach. As such you can receive a foretaste of what is to be a coach and be trained until the day, you receive your own team and takes on the responsibility of the team.

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